Accident Benefits

Have you been injured in a car accident? You may be entitled to financial benefits to assist you during recovery. Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS) is the provincial regulator of benefits obtained through your automobile insurer. They provide compensation, regardless of fault, to you and your passengers who may have suffered an injury in an accident.

The Process

First you must report your motor vehicle accident and damages to your insurer. Any injuries you or your passengers may have sustained must be reported to your insurer within 7 days of the date of the accident.

Following your reported injuries to your insurer, within 30 days you will be required to complete an Application for Accident Benefits. In addition, your insurer will require additional forms with specific benefits elected and medical information, both past and present to assess the applicable benefit being applied for. Let the expert and professional services of Partanen Legal Services navigate the process for you.

Don’t have insurance and injured in a motor vehicle accident? You may be eligible to claim for your injuries. Let us navigate the process for you.

What if my Insurer Denies My Entitlement to Benefits?

If your insurer denies your eligibility or subsequent payment of Income Replacement Benefits, Non-earner Benefits and compensation for Other Expenses Benefits, in addition to the denial of any reasonable and necessary rehabilitation treatment, we can help.

Eligibility for Family Members

Any person who has suffered psychological trauma as a result of a family member or dependant’s ongoing injuries and/or death from a motor vehicle accident, may be eligible for Accident Benefits to facilitate the appropriate treatment and future care, as well as Death and Funeral Benefits.


If you are insured under more than one policy, specific rules may apply pertaining to which policy you are eligible to claim benefits.